Why Us

From last decade from our large force of field agents we have connected farmers across Karnataka also worked in other cities, & also completed 30 IT projects to state and central government with our in-house skilled IT team.
We take care of end-to-end solutions for any challenging projects.

Redefine Your Survey Strategy

A survey is an important marketing strategy for any business model, we have developed different survey products like Household survey, Out of school survey, Pension survey & many more, and with the help of these products we can execute any type of surveys with accurate results.

We have successfully handled complete marketing, IT development, Surveys, data collection, promotional activates till now, we are expert in connecting farmers to product/service-based industries, process-driven strategies have given us maximum success ratio in any projects as for now, we also project ROI driven strategies so wise steps can be taken in the execution process.

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Want More Reasons To Work With US?

Here are the top 4 reasons for you. Analyze your way within these reasons & you will be eager to work with us.

#1 In-house IT Team

We have a skilled organized team who can develop the applications in various platforms like Web / Mobile Applications, with customized & user-friendly products. Our Teck / Customer support team can handle any critical problems & solve them within the respective TAT.

#2 50+ Road Warriors

With the help of our huge force filed agents they are actively working with the farmers to collect/ deliver accurate data depends on the projects, to certify the data validation we implement various parameters into the application like Longitude & Latitude positions, Image capturing, on-field information & so on.

#3 Creative Team

As per the customer needs our creative team will project the brand projection plan with the ROI-driven results, we will handle all levels of execution on aspects of branding, data gathering, surveys, events, training and many more.

#4 Market Analysis

Before implementing any projects we go into the market research process & document few details like challenges, Do’s, Don’ts, age of the product, usage rate, positive/negative impression on the product & so on analysis report depends on the product to product.

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