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Founder Avani Infosoft
Mallikarjun Patil

Managing Director

Mallikarjun Patil boasts an illustrious career spanning more than two decades in the realm of information technology. He stands as the visionary founder of Avani Infosoft Pvt Ltd, a company that embarked on its remarkable journey in 2007, headquartered in the vibrant tech hub of Bengaluru.

Mr. Patil's vision extends beyond conventional success; it aspires to nurture a cadre of village-level entrepreneurs who serve as pivotal intermediaries connecting farmers, private enterprises, and government agencies. This visionary approach seeks to empower rural communities through the strategic application of technology and entrepreneurship.

Founded Avani Infosoft

Avani Infosoft Pvt Ltd consistently occupies the vanguard of innovation, offering comprehensive end-to-end software development solutions. The company specializes in pioneering e-Governance initiatives, with a particular emphasis on the Land Record Management System, the agricultural sector, Work Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, Survey Campaigns, Consultancy Services, and the establishment of robust IT Infrastructure for both State Government and private organizations.

Avani Infosoft is not merely content with its achievements on the Indian stage. It harbors a profound interest in expanding its horizons globally, seeking to create mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses offering products and services suitable for implementation within India. This global perspective reflects the company's commitment to continuous growth and its dedication to fostering innovation on a global scale.

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